Business Plan Elite is an easy-to-use app that helps you create a high quality, investor-ready plan. It can be exported to Microsoft Word and emailed to anyone. Written by business experts, Business Plan Elite is designed to be your gateway to success.
  • Top Notch Financials
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Access to Investors

The Business Plan Elite software was used by AppIt Ventures to win the 2012 Bard Center business plan competition and OED JumpStart Denver business plan completion.
We've partnered with Accredited Members Inc. a group of over 3,000 high net worth individuals, in order to provide you the unprecedented opportunity to submit your business idea for investor funding!
Access and edit your business plan from any device, including iMacs, desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
Business Plan Elite is an easy-to-use, high quality app that helps you create an investor ready plan in no time! If you're serious about starting a business you need this software!

Steve, 31
"This is simple to use and incredibly valuable. I'm so happy I had this to help me with my business plan. This is the exact companion you need for your business. The finished product really is presentation-worthy."

You NEED This App
Business Plan Elite is the perfect application to help you take your business to the next level. Explain your product, industry and financial projections in a concise, professional manner. The final text will then be exported into a pre-formatted Microsoft Word document.

Write your plan to gain support, raise investor capital, and build your business.

Crowdfunding (also referred to as Crowd Funding, Crowd Financing and Hyper Funding) is often a great alternative to investor funding for many entrepreneurs and small businesses. Crowdfunding allows hundreds or thousands of supporters to contribute money towards a unified goal, such as helping to launch a new product.

Business Plan Elite will teach you the ins and outs of crowdfunding toward your success!

Multiple Users
21st century business has no boundaries, and your software shouldn't either.

Business Plan Elite is a cloud-based tool that allows multiple users to collaborate from anywhere in the world. Users can modify the same plan from any device with an internet connection.
Industry Examples
As you move through the simple step-by-step process, writing each section of your business plan, you'll always be able to reference specific product and service based examples to see how to complete the section.

We've also partnered with FINTEL, the premier provider of industry data & business analysis tools powered by one of the largest, most reliable benchmarking datasets of privately-held companies available.

High Quality Financial Statements
Create high quality financial statements, including start-up expenses, income statements, and balance sheets. Each section is broken down into an easy to follow, step-by-step process with instructions, descriptions, and examples.

Either highlight the last three years of finances, or create a pro-forma statement that demonstrates where your business is going.

5 Star Rating
The iPad version of this software has received dozens of glowing reviews from customers and consistently ranks as one of the top rated business plan apps.

Great Application - Worth Every Penny! - This application does an amazing job of walking you step-by-step through all aspects of writing a cohesive and complete business plan. I've written several business plans in the past and they have always been a very tedious exercise. This application streamlines the entire process and does an amazing job of translating your thoughts and ideas to a high-quality, presentable business plan.The time it saves you alone is worth 10x the price. Well done!
Mar 24, 2013 by Lizkover